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travel-with-schoolsensationsWe created this website to help you easily compare different language courses at once. If you want to spend hours searching every language school site yourself, no problem. But if you are looking for an faster and easier way to find a good deal, we can help. We want to make your language experience a lot better and put the fun back into planning your language course.


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sprachreisenWe have the right information about of language courses from top accredited schools worldwide. We make it easy for you to compare schools, courses and prices. Our experienced student advisors will help you find the right language course, answer your questions, and connect you directly to your school.


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5We do not charge you any extra fees to use our service. We only make money by receiving a small referral fee from the school when you book a course through us. A big benefit to booking through us is, you are guaranteed to get low prices and a special discount of -5% off for your language course.


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recommendationOnce you know us and know how we work, we provide special prices for regular customers of ours.

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andreas_bichlerAndreas Bichler

Oranisation for language trips is his passion and my daily routine. Let´s find your language course using the knowledge of more than 10 years of experience in the language school sector. Austrian quality and great organizing ability.

Andreas studied economics in Graz in Austria, was Erasmus for one year in Valencia in Spain, finished his WebMarketing Master program in Spain and traveled to many cities all over the world.

Owner of the following websites: www.schoolsensations.com, www.sprachkurse-im-ausland.com, www.internship-aupair.com, www.ExclusiveValencia.com